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We Buy Houses Reviews

we buy houses reviews

“In our dealings with Philly Cash Buyers, we appreciated their prompt communication concerning the property and all negotiations. We would recommend Philly Cash Buyers to anyone seeking to sell their property. Philly Cash Buyers provided outstanding professionalism and remained loyal to the end of the process."

Marshall A.

we buy houses reviews

"Philly Cash Buyers helped us in so many ways. They dealt with us in a timely manner. They helped us by paying all the fees and closing costs. We appreciate everything they did for us. To anyone that wants to sell their property, they are very good. Philly Cash Buyers is number one in me and my husband’s eyes. They handled everything for us at no cost. If you want to sell your house, get Philly Cash Buyers."

Betty and Charles F.

we buy houses reviews

“Philly Cash Buyers did everything they promised, and they were very, very professional. They explained everything and kept me informed every step of the way. Philly Cash Buyers took care of every detail of the closing of my property. I will definitely recommend Philly Cash Buyers to everyone I know."

Linda A.

we buy houses reviews

“The staff at Philly Cash Buyers were very professional and up front with me from the very beginning, in terms of their offer for my property. The offer they made was my asking price. The overall process was very smooth and painless. I appreciate their honesty and ability to get the job done in a short amount of time!"

Theresa M.

we buy houses reviews

“When we needed help, Philly Cash Buyers helped us. They dealt with us very professionally and in a prompt manner. We appreciated their jovial and kind nature; most business people don’t act like Philly Cash Buyers when it comes to selling a home. Everything went smoothly. We would recommend Philly Cash Buyers to anyone who needs the professional help of selling their home. We thank them for all that they did for us during this time.... they were like Angels, because we needed to sell FAST."

Nakia and McKinley H.